Counseling Services

Counseling with Hilary

In her FriscBlack Dress 1o, TX counseling practice, Hilary guides her clients through the counseling process.  She collaborates with you on your goals for improvement and strives to build relationships in order to make her clients comfortable with the therapy process.  For some clients, improvement only takes a few sessions.  After their major goals have been accomplished, other clients prefer to schedule “check in” appointments every few months for several years.  Hilary will work with you to tailor the structure of therapy to meet your individual needs.

Call Today to Schedule your Consultation Appointment and Start Working Toward Your Goals! 214-213-2822

Rates & Services

60 Minute Initial Consultation – $125

50 Minute Individual Session – $100

50 Minute Couple Session- $100

Cash, Check, Major Credit Cards accepted


Hilary is considered an Out of Network Provider. You may contact your insurance company regarding your Out of Network reimbursement policy.