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Are you plagued with Worry, Sadness, and Self Doubt? Need a boost in Self Confidence? Having trouble managing stress or a major change in your life? Dissatisfied in your career, relationships, or just in general? Do you feel disengaged from your family and friends? Feeling empty or like you’re just moving from day to day, task to task, without meaning?  We offer in office and telehealth sessions for individuals, couples, and families.  Call now (214) 213-2822

Hilary Yurtin

Counseling with Hilary

Hilary Yurtin, M.S. is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. She has over 10 years of professional experience in the DFW area, including corporate experience.
She loves her work as a therapist and enjoys collaborating with her clients to uncover their goals for happiness, balance, and satisfaction in their lives. This is not just someone telling you what to do. This is an opportunity to share your experiences, worries, stressors, and dreams with a professional counselor who can remain objective and non-judgmental while helping you sort out your goals. After deciding what you want to achieve, Hilary will help you develop an action plan to reach those goals.

The psychological approach will be theory based (CBT, Mindfulness, Goal Oriented), but really it’s just talking, listening, and a little education. Hilary tailors her approach to counseling based on the needs and goals of each client. It’s okay to be serious and then not so serious… Laughter is indeed a healing medicine.

Hilary is a therapist in Frisco, TX who specializes in the treatment of Anxiety and Depression, Couples & Family Counseling, Individual Counseling for adults and older adolescents, Coaching for Improved Lifestyle and Career, Intimacy Counseling, Stress Management, and Women’s Wellness (confidence, body image, hormonal issues, infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum)

All are welcome.  We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, or religion.

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Coaching & Counseling

Happiness is the consequence of personal effort.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

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Counseling doesn’t have to be scary or embarrassing. In her Frisco, Texas therapy practice, Hilary will work with you at your own pace to develop a plan of action to help you accomplish your goals for increased happiness and well-being. Call today to schedule your first appointment and let’s get to work on your goals

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All are welcome.  We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, or religion.