Career Coaching & Counseling

Identity commonly becomes wrapped into what we do for a living.  One of the first questions asked when you meet someone new is “What do you do?”.

Are you unhappy with what you’re doing every day?  Do you want to make a career transition to something more meaningful but feel stuck?  Trouble with colleagues, leadership, and co-workers? Do you feel like you can’t deal with the stress and pressure?  Do you want to become a better leader?  Are you still trying to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then working with Hilary could help.  Many people underestimate the toll that dissatisfaction and stress at work can take on our mood, happiness, energy level, confidence, and relationships.  So many hours of our waking lives are spent at work in our culture that it is vastly important that we aren’t miserable during that time.

It’s already good, but I’m ready to take the next step

Some of us are looking to take what is already a great skill set or a good career and make it even better.  Whether it is improving your marketability, leveraging talent and ambition, brushing up on leadership skills, or increasing communication skills, working with Hilary can help you boost your career to the next level.

Career Management Experience

Hilary has developed programs and workshops for both individuals and organizations including the administrative staff of a nationally recognized professional sports organization, Fortune 500 Companies, and the staff of the local Non-profit Frisco Family Services.

Hilary is a certified facilitator of the Hogan Assessment Systems, including additional certification in Hogan Development Feedback.  She also utilizes the Myers Briggs Type Indicator with individuals, families, and organizational team building.

Focusing on your career goals may include working on:

    • Leadership
    • Development
    • Communication
    • Trust
    • Career Choice or Transition
    • Performance
    • Satisfaction
    • Resume Building
    • Assessments including:
    • Team Building
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Stress Management
    • Professional Team Building


    Professional Team Building

    Hilary works with leaders, executives, and HR professionals to strategize team building programs and plans. She utilizes instruments such as the MBTI in her work with her clients.  She has created successful team building programs for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and the staff of a Professional NFL Team.  Hilary will work with you to develop a customized strategy, workshop, or program that is specifically tailored to your organization and your team’s needs.

    Purposes and Outcomes of Team Building May Include:

    • Improve the cohesiveness of a newly formed team
    • Recover from a recent organizational shift
    • Renew the team’s passion for their work and for working together
    • Increase the functionality of an existing team
    • Manage Interpersonal Conflicts and Improve Communication
    • Learn to understand each other’s personalities better and how to use that understanding to become more effective

    Treat your team to a fun, productive, and enlightening experience