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I Hate Grief: Exploring Loss…


There are some things going on right now which are making it impossible to ignore the subject of grief. I've had some pressure lately to explore this topic, and I am still incredibly resistant. You see, I'm not comfortable with grief. I know, "OMG! You're a counselor! How are you not comfortable with grief??" I [...]

I Hate Grief: Exploring Loss…2015-11-10T15:52:56+00:00

Trick or Treat! Why I Love Halloween…


This year has flown by and the holidays have descended. Halloween is tomorrow and it's one of my favorites. I go heavy on the eye makeup, wrap myself in my velvet cloak, pretend I'm a witch, and try to conjure a little magic in my kitchen. My family rolls their eyes (lovingly, of course) and [...]

Trick or Treat! Why I Love Halloween…2015-10-30T15:57:26+00:00

Conquering Fear and Procrastination: Stop Waiting for “When…”


Isn’t complacency addictive?  It creeps in as procrastination and then takes up residence as fear and avoidance.  Two people inspired me this week.  While helping them slog through their fears and unlock their potential for success and happiness, I was confronted with my own.  One hell of a job this is! Every day I coach [...]

Conquering Fear and Procrastination: Stop Waiting for “When…”2015-10-10T14:57:52+00:00
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